Knowledge is at the heart of human progress. It is only when we move away from individual opinions that we can chart a path together. It unlocks indecision, it reconciles differences, it breathes life into imagination.

YBC 7289 (Yale Babylonian Collection) – ancient Mesopotamian clay tablet with mathematical content

Throughout history, knowledge has been in the hands of the few.

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It is incomplete, failing to reflect the diversity of humanity, limiting what we can know, what we can share, and ultimately, what we can understand.

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When our understanding is limited, so is our individual and collective potential.

Wikipedia was founded on the radical belief that knowledge belongs to all of us.

Pantheon, Rome, Italy.
Zeroes and ones

And that everyone should be able to access it and participate in its creation.

We believe knowledge should represent everyone and be shared freely.

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This inspired us to create the world’s first free encyclopedia, which has grown to offer knowledge in more than 300 languages.

Together our community has continued to innovate, finding new ways to
and share

Today we actively collect and freely share information ranging from images in Wikicommons, to an open library in Wikisource, to 5.8 million definitions in Wiktionary. And we’ve gone a step further by creating the potential to connect all knowledge through Wikidata.

What we offer today is a living collection of knowledge owned by all of us, and created by

But there are challenges we must still overcome.

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Systemic barriers prevent women and entire cultures from being present online. Technological barriers make it impossible for millions to enter the conversation.

Knowledge today is shaped and controlled by governments, and bought and sold by corporations.

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These challenges are what drive us.

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We are working to ensure that everyone can participate in the creation of knowledge so

Students working together on a computer

can understand

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We believe in a world where knowledge is not the property of the few.

Where the answers to our questions are made stronger with different perspectives.

Where knowledge is not written by only a few cultures, in a few languages, but through a plurality of origins and in many languages.

A world where knowledge is freely shared to reach even more people, in whatever way they choose to discover it.

This vision demands all of our participation.

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We invite everyone to read, contribute, and partner with us to keep knowledge alive.

Wherever your interests lead you, and to whichever project you choose to support, everything we do is working towards one goal.

Together we can

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set knowledge free.

Sky lanters flying