Phase 1: Concept Development


“The sum of all collective work”

Each language has a word for collective work: Ausoland, Dugnad, Busy Bee, Harambee etc. We are all pulling together to work and create something bigger. We might have different words, but we share the same vision.

  • Sum 
  • Generative
  • Work in progress
  • Collaboration
  • Human

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  1. ‘SUM’– Showcasing Universal Movement

    Wikimedia is a Universal Movement where anyone from anywhere join hands together for ‘SUM’ (Showcasing Universal Movement) to work and create a world of free knowledge mean for everyone.

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“It is about coming together as a unit”



“It is all about people contributing to a larger goal”



“We are rebellious and boundless – not conforming to most norms”

Public. Good.

Public. Good.

“For the world, by the world”