Phase 1: Concept Development

Public. Good.

“For the world, by the world”

We are a global collaborative on a mission to deliver free knowledge to everyone – the world is connected through our shared resources. Like water in the ocean we are a public utility that is universally needed. Like the lighthouse is guiding people, we are guiding by providing accurate knowledge to the world.

  • Public
  • Greater good
  • Global
  • Human
  • Contribution

Photo: PtrQs / CC BY-SA 4.0

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  1. Public goods never exclude. They can be used by anyone without restriction. They are here to help you fulfil your mission or just have a good time.

  2. I think that the perception of our movement as an essential public utility or human right is essential to our future sustainability. Anyone can create a technology platform. But not every technology platform is designed for the public good.

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