Phase 1: Concept Development


“We are the sum of many things, not just one totality”

What is the opposite of a sum? The opposite of a sum are parts. The opposite of a whole is fractions, or particles. We are the sum of many things, not just one totality. The word particle also includes the word part; take part in something! Participate!

  • Sum
  • Limitless
  • Participation
  • Parts
  • Components

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  1. Making space to capture and polish understanding of all knowledge, not just approved or popular views. Separating clarity + conciseness of description, from a stamp of approval by a particular group of reviewers.

    This makes wiki universal, relevant to all, special.

  2. It outlines the diversity and heterogeneity within the movement: we do not have the same backgrounds, views, interests..etc. but we are all equal parts of this community.

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