Phase 1: Concept Development


“We are all different; separate pieces with different origins, qualities and appearances. We come together as a whole”

The mosaic is a human made visual language that can grow and expand infinitely. Most things in the universe are different kinds of mosaic: language, music notes, computer pixels and knowledge.

  • Participation
  • Components
  • Parts
  • Limitless
  • Expanding

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  1. The movement is made up of very different and diverse people, who have separate interests and talents but together strive to create a work of art – the sum of all knowledge. A mosaic is a image of everyone’s effort and includes contributions big and small.

  2. We are literally worldwide, or we are at least trying to be. And this website doesn’t give our multilingualism the attention that it deserves. Our many languages must be at the center of everything EXPLICITLY, not as a fun-to-mention factoid that we have “300 languages”.

  3. Varying skills, drives, motivation, and dedication of individuals make the project diverse. Interlocking skills result in improving content.

  4. We are different individuals in a mosaic mural, each of us is still on their own, but we still make sense as a whole. I like this better than the beehive because eventually mosaic murals are made by people for people to enjoy which what I find missing in the beehive concept

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