Phase 1: Concept Development


“Made for people by people”

Just like a community garden, our project is continuously growing by being nurtured by people. Anyone can choose to either contribute to or just use the garden. A garden is an open space created by people for the greater good of people. 

  • Growth
  • Contribution
  • Collective
  • Creation
  • Open

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  1. This concept emphasises on most of our core principles: A people-centred and open movement. It also captures our vision to be the essential infrastructure of the ecosystem of free knowledge and anyone can join.

  2. I appreciate this project because it promotes respect for the environment and develops the concepts of sustainable development.

  3. gardens in our minds seems like a part of nature, but from the other side it’s some kind of something artificial part of human culture, something human maded. Also nowdays nature is what we, maby, need more than anytime before.

  4. It doesn’t assume that the garden is one thing to all people. People have different reasons for using or tending a garden, and different ways to tend it!

  5. It shows that the project is man made, collaborative, makes sense as a whole, and made for people to use and enjoy. I like the picturesque and calm ambiance the green color promises. It is like a promise of a nice community to join. The only thing is that a garden is not big.

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