Phase 1: Concept Development


“As the Galaxy we are always in transformation”

We are defined by diversity, inclusiveness and openness, and we are never ending. Like a galaxy our project is diverse and different from all angles. We are represented by both what you see, and by what you do not see, with the understanding that our potential is limitless.

  • Limitless
  • Sum
  • Open
  • Point of view
  • Diverse

Photo licensed CC BY-SA 3.0

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  1. I liked this logo and the name we are going to assign to Wikipedia because the GALAXY inspires me beyond the planet, so wikimedia also able to be following these skills and its evolution.

  2. knowledge is always evolving increasing and decreasing (modifications)
    there is public knowledge and prohibited knowledge (historical page)
    the system needs 5 concepts to exist (energy – technology – people – applications – data)

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“We are built out of many parts – from the very big to the very small”



"Our members may be individuals, but the collaborative effect is huge”



“There are so many elements that make up a galaxy that are vital for it to succeed.”



“It is about coming together as a unit”