Phase 1: Concept Development


“There are so many elements that make up a galaxy that are vital for it to succeed.”

Knowledge is like a galaxy. It is the sum of both small and large parts, and it is always changing. It is diverse, limitless and dynamic. The complexity of this system is also a representation of our movement. There will never be a point where we are done in what we are doing. 

  • Limitless
  • Diverse
  • Point of view
  • Dynamic
  • Parts

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

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  1. The Galaxy meets the requirements of the whole worid without borders between the different continents so to the worn af all. It would be more desirable to have an image of the earth in the galaxy more attractive and then we are the most of the way you are the beauty of things.

  2. A Galaxy is a universal concept. It’s big and small at the same time.
    There are different elements that create a whole.

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Public. Good.

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