Phase 1: Concept Development


“The flowing and interchange of knowledge”

A connection is the relationship in which a person or thing is linked to something else. Connections define the core of who we are, from the links between our brain cells and individual thoughts to the connections between people, cultures and knowledge. No knowledge would ever grow without individuals connecting.

  • Connect
  • Collective
  • Human
  • Diverse
  • Growth

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  1. People are the connection to knowledge. People connect w/ articles as editors + readers. WM projects connect w/ each other. AI connects improvement options w/ wiki work. Images connect w/ articles. Articles connect w/ articles + sources. Linked data connects everything.

  2. The movement is all about connections. Volunteers connect to each other through projects, they connect people with knowledge, that knowledge, in turn, integrates connections that send people through a journey of learning connected to different communities, events and happenings.

  3. -Human is the core of our movement: Content is created by people / it is about our collective Human story / Offline activities trigger/foster human interactions
    -It’s our connection/complementarity that leads to growth: nothing is made by only one person

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