Phase 1: Concept Development


"Our members may be individuals, but the collaborative effect is huge”

In a beehive, the bees are working both individually and together for a shared cause. The beehive has a scientific and logical structure. The bee’s honey is also a metaphor for knowledge — pollinating the world and creating life. Bees are essential to all life and can be found across all continent.

  • Work in progress
  • Collaboration
  • Global
  • Knowledge
  • Collective

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  1. The bees are like editors, who have many different roles: some raise new bees, some protect the hive from things that look like bees, and many bring back nectar (information) and tell other bees about it. Non-bees can partake of the honey.

  2. Beehive, while being a positive demonstration of greatness in collaboration in English. it doesn’t give a good feeling in Persian, at best it’s neutral. So please be careful about universality of the concepts.

  3. the Beehive for me designates the community better, because even if we are in several countries we work for a better knowledge by contributing on all the brother projects of the community …
    yes !!! for the Beehive

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