Phase 1: Concept Development


“We are a work in progress!”

The Hebrew word בעבודה  is similar in meaning to Work in progress – We are always a work in progress. There are constantly things we want to change and evolve that we are actively working on. Creating a collage or an article is a work in progress in itself.

  • Work in progress
  • Evolving
  • Generative
  • Creation
  • Collaboration

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  1. There’s always something to add, or develop, or improve, or fix. We are far from completing our mission. There are gaps and we’re here to fill those gaps. Anyone can bring new energy and make things happen.

  2. Nothing is finished, tests and explorations are welcome, all interactions are reversible and conversable : so dive in without worry, and contribute what you see is needed.

  3. Because there’s always something to add. So, please don’t even think about changing the puzzle globe logo. It’s meaningful and useful for explaining what Wikipedia is. I did with 5-year old people and with 80-year old people, and it worked marvellously. Don’t change the logo!

  4. Sum of human knowledge doubles every 11 months so our race to reach it in our content is hard to meet but it is the ongoing process, not the finished product that constitutes the strength of the project, together with its constant updating of relevant data.

  5. Evolution (through collaboration) is a key concept for the movement : On Wikipedia for instance,content is perpetually evolving through improving/updating existing articles, adding new ones.
    Community members and offline projects are evolving too in number and quality.

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