Exercise 3: Visualizing Interconnection

This exercise will be open for submissions from 20 – 26 of April. Thank you for your visual submissions. We are currently working on a blog post that will feature all the visuals which will go live soon.

A good concept manages to unify all insight, at the same time generate more meaning by the many ways it is brought to life. 

We need your help in expanding and enhancing the visual definition of interconnection as a concept for the Wikimedia movement. We want to be inspired by your vision and to see interconnection through your eyes.

Please submit up to five visuals (per person) from Wikimedia Commons and a short description of why you chose those images. They can be your original image or an image by another author. All images will be featured in the next blog post. 

Time to visualize, share and inspire!

How do you see interconnection? What visuals bring interconnection to life?

Link(s) to chosen visual(s) on Wikimedia Commons and a short written description, in any language, of why you chose the visual(s).
(Please submit up to 5 visuals)

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  1. When I think of interconnection, I imagine the interconnections of a rail network system or by a correspondence and station game I can move from one region to another, from one country to another. I am also thinking of a system of interdependence like an archipelago where the inhabitants sail from island to island. I am thinking of these major international hubs, meeting and exchange points for people from all over the world.

  2. • I loved this image of a child in a kaleidoscope, the idea that he is innocently connecting with different parts of himself through play. The infinite nature of a kaleidoscope feels very much like interconnection to me.

    • The Water Cycle is essential to life on earth, whilst also shaping the environment as it flows. All elements are interconnected with human life and the understanding of life itself is essential to our survival. To me it is the most basic and visual form of interconnection.

    • Artist Ai Weiwei’s piece of 100 million ceramic sunflower seeds allowed participants to explore the idea of what we think we see, and then what we discover, being two different things. So as we connect in different ways, what we expect changes, and this understanding makes us evolve.

    • Rainbows are formed by the reflection and refraction of light hitting water droplets in the sky. This magical phenomena has been adopted to mean numerous different things, but most often (and recently) a sense of unity, of different colours joining together in harmony, a joyfulness at our interconnectedness.

  3. How do you see interconnection? What visuals bring interconnection to life?

    Ever since human intelligence manifested itself.
    It’s been trying to multiply by connecting and interconnecting.
    Gestures, language, rock drawings, rituals, clothing fashion, architecture, writing, music, smells,
    all to stimulate the 5 senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste.
    Currently man exploits sight and hearing more than the other senses, and for any modern interconnectivity using the latest human inventions.
    Information is photons, electrons and synaptic biology.

    I can imagine these 3 pictures to try to decipher interconnectivity and show some of what basis interconnectivity represents.

    1- https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Synapse_unlabeled.png
    2- https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:FiberCoupler.JPG
    3- https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:TouchSense.jpg

  4. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Interlinked_railroad_tracks.jpg
    This image of interlinked railroad tracks gives the perfect visuals of what the unified concept of Interconnection means to me. The railroads are interlinked and although appearing scattered, depend on this nature of connection to effectively function. The many projects of Wikimedia can be likened to this railroad – although independent, could still takes you through the various components of Wikimedia in order to help build the of knowledge.

  5. I choose visuals from the Brownian motion cause this represents well the dynamic interconnection like it happens mainly in the Wikipedia world.
    When you have a lot of interconnection, your course, your route, is not straight away. It seems complicated but interconnection is the best way to go from one point to the other. You’re enriched. It seems messy but in fact, it creates harmony. – waltercolor






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