Our unified concept: Interconnection

Today is a big day! We are coming to an end of Phase 1: Concept Development as we now have a unified concept: Interconnection. 

To hear the full story of how we collectively developed the unified concept please watch our full presentation here which was recorded live earlier today (16 April)  

How we arrived at the unified concept
The concept interconnection came to life through workshops, exercises, interviews, feedback, likes and meeting 97 members of the Wikimedia community from 41 countries…and many discussions!

We saw clear commonalities between the concepts created in the workshop and were able to identify three different categories of the concepts – People, Collective and System. 

Interconnection encompasses and links together all the insights and definitions created from the participants, at the same time generates more meaning as the answer to the question who are we?

Interconnections are mutual connections between two or more things. From the smallest interconnections, to the bigger picture.

We find interconnections in nature and through ecosystems.

There are interconnections between people who are creating something bigger.

Interconnections between languages, cultures and beliefs. Enabling us to understand, discuss and contribute and share knowledge.

How the concept will be used
The concept is a creative tool that will inform the naming convention and design system. Through input, collaboration and validation with the community the concept will guide us in a direction that reflects who we are.

Stay tuned for Exercise #3: Visualizing Interconnection — launching 20th April. This will be a chance for you to enhance and bring the concept to life. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this process so far. We still have a lot ahead of us, but this is a moment to celebrate!