Our final concept workshop

Phase 1: Concept Workshop — Bengaluru, India

Last week, we hosted our final concept workshop in Bengaluru, India. Participants from 23 nations gathered to share ideas and personal perspectives on what represents this movement. 

It was exciting and a little challenging to be away from the Snøhetta office space. But we were not alone. In this workshop, nearly all participants were visitors to the city of Bengaluru. It allowed us all to contribute to the process on an equal playing field. And it meant that the intensity of the local traffic was new to almost everyone. 

Rounding off the workshops, we have now gathered 23 concepts, that have been created by 97 members of the Wikimedia community, representing 41 nations! Through co-creation and collaboration these concepts answer the question ‘Who are we?’. Very soon all the concepts will be presented on this hub, where we will open for feedback before we consolidate them to one unified concept.

The concept will work as a tool to inform the visual identity and naming convention moving forward in this project.

Our time in India also included moments to get to know one another and understand what everyone brings to the movement. We toured local cultural sites and learned a few local dance moves. 

If you have questions or input regarding this project, please join the discussions on the Wikipedia brand network or on the project Wiki page.

— Snøhetta