We are creating an evolved brand identity system for our movement. On this page, you can follow the updates and engage in the process.

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Phase 1: Concept Development

Exercise #2: Who are we?
What concept(s) do you think represent the Wikimedia movement?

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About the project

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We invite Movement volunteers everywhere to help guide this design process. You can also keep up and comment on the project on the project Wiki page.

An evolved identity system for our free knowledge movement


We are devising a new brand identity for our movement that uses Wikipedia’s name instead of Wikimedia as the center of this new brand system.


We believe we need to move on from the overall name and branding system of the movement; Wikimedia. Research shows that very few people understand Wikimedia. But many people around the world do know Wikipedia. This is a big growth opportunity for us to use the best-known brand we have to build movement growth. Think of it as a way to “shorten the distance” for people explaining our organizations, projects and purpose by using Wikipedia not Wikimedia as the center of branding. Ultimately, this brand shift will help us grow our movement through simplifying the invitation to new volunteers, partners, and donors around the world.


We’ve partnered with Snøhetta, a Norwegian design agency to be our design partner for this project. Their experience in building everything from libraries to national park identities has shown them that gathering perspectives for collaborative concepting is the best way to start a project. That’s why we have created a community-wide brand network to guide this design process.


Through the first half of 2020 we will be working on a highly collaborative design process. Snøhetta will meet the Wikimedia brand network in person and online to gather insight and generate concepts that Snøhetta will use as a foundation for design development. Draft designs and suggestions will be shared on this website for comments and contributions. A new brand system should be released in the second half of 2020.

Our story

YBC 7289 (Yale Babylonian Collection) – ancient Mesopotamian clay tablet with mathematical content

Knowledge is at the heart of human progress. It is only when we move away from individual opinions that we can chart a path together.


Building on a year of brand research, strategic planning and community consultations, this project invites members of the Wikimedia movement to collaborate on an updated movement identity.